Monday, January 23, 2012

Water baby??!?

Ethan loves bath time, he adores his swimming lessons and he can't get enough of his paddling pool. So we thought he would love the beach as well, right? Well we were very wrong. The minute we get to the sand he starts making some very scared noises! we try and dip his feet in the water and he tries to climb up us like we are a ladder....Look at how worried/scared he looks.
We visited the beach on the weekend and he got slightly better by the end of the visit but was still very apprehensive and clingy. Here Jason is pointing mum out to try to reassure Ethan (I was behind the camera at this stage). It didn't really work. So we headed back home (via the beach shower.... which Ethan LOVED by the way)....
We thought that the noise of the beach may have been what was upsetting Ethan so we tried a river trip as well. He was still very clingy and did the whole ladder climbing trick up me when we first arrived.But soon Ethan started to lose his fear a little bit. It seemed that his love of eating leaves outweighed his fear of the open water and soon he was chasing a big oak leaf to try and eat!How cute does he look after our swim/play???Finally, I promised this in the project 52 blog... here is my unofficial 4th place photo for my summer shots (taken while we were at the river)! To me it has lots that say summer- the beach towel, sand, green grass, boats, and water!
Well I hope that over time Ethan comes to love the open water as much as Jason and I do!

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