Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun in the park

We have had a pretty hot (and humid) week in Perth, its been around 33 - 37 degrees every day and dropping to around 23 degrees overnight. Even though we have good air con at home its sometimes really nice to just get out of the house.

We are lucky to have a park just down the road (less than 5 minutes walk away) which has a kids play area, some trees and a big cricket/AFL oval in the middle. The good thing about this park is that it gets a good breeze going through it, so even on the hot days we can find a tree to sit under and get some relief from the sun/heat.

So lately we have been taking Ethan to the park nearly every day. He loves crawling round on the grass (eating as many leaves as he can), watching Jason fly the kite Aunty Melissa gave him for Christmas and swinging on the swings!

Here we are having some fun!As part of Ethan's bedtime routine we also walk to the park and do 3 loops of the park after his bath. This usually calms him right down ready to go to sleep!

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