Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

Wow, now that Christmas is over I have a chance to write up about it on this blog... you have all had snippets of our Christmas- from the baking to the santa photo, the surprise pre christmas dinner for Gran and Grandad to the guitars. This blog will fill in all the rest of the gaps!

Being a stay at home mum helped with the organisation this year, all presents were done and wrapped a few weeks out from Christmas. I had lots of help in the wrapping department from Ethan (translation: Ethan ate the paper while I wrapped!).The day before boxing day we had Sandy and Nathan round for a casual BBQ. They bought Ethan this delightful little dog!
Ethan loved it, but as per usual tried to eat it!
Christmas Eve dawned and Jason and I were struggling to contain our excitement! We wanted to just get on with the celebrations. We caved (again) and let Ethan open one present! Note to self... must learn more restraint before next year!

Ethan was with me when we bought this ball (of course!) and he loved it. He did look a little sad when I wrapped it up though! So I thought it was a fitting present to open on Christmas Eve.
Finally, it was time for bed on Christmas Eve, there is something about sharing Christmas with your own children that makes it all the more exciting! Ethan is an early rise (between 5.15 and 6.15 am every day). BUT Murphy's law... we were waiting for Ethan to wake on Christmas morning at 7.30am!!!!!!

But how excited does he look?
I can only imagine his thoughts here... probably along the lines of "is all this paper for me to chew on".
Ethan loved his train set from Aunty Camille.
Thanks Nanny and Poppy, Aunty Melissa and Mum and Dad for these cool gifts! Ethan especially loved my wooden truck from Nanny and Poppy! So far its pretty good for bashing on the ground!
Ethan was quite taken with the jungle cross stitch from his Aunty Leza!
But after a while the lure of the pot plants got him!
The laugh and learn table from Gran and Grandad is also another favourite! As was the mini car steering wheel!
I think that the swing that Santa chose was a hit!
And the new clothes looked great on Christmas day!
Jason was lucky to get his guitar, a water cooling kit for his PC, some gardening tools and a t-shirt.

I was very spoilt with some lovely diamond earrings, LOTS of baking goodies, another pair of earrings and a lucky charm keyring (which Ethan thinks is his haha).

We were also really lucky to get the best ever roasting dish! Mmmmm can't wait for the first roast!

After presents we had lunch with Chelsea and her family. Chelsea is a friend I met at Mothers Group. Here is their table set up!
After lunch we headed back home to relax! It had been a long day and Ethan had been pretty excitable the whole day, therefore not feeding very well! I needed the quiet of his room and feeding chair!

All in all a great Christmas and one to remember! We would have loved to have been with all our family and friends, unfortunately in this day and age it really isn't possible, but nevertheless each and every one of you were in our thoughts and hearts!

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