Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunsets and shadows

Every night, as part of Ethan's nighttime/bed routine we take him for a walk after his bath and before we put him down for the night. This seems to really calm him down and lately, during the heatwave we have just endured, the 33 - 36 degrees at 6.30 ish zap the last of his energy meaning that he heads off to sleep reasonably quickly once we get home.

We have started a bad habit (Jason thinks its a great habit) of getting ice creams at the corner shop on these walks though. I need to cut that out of the nighttime routine, or at least minimise it to once/twice a week! Here are the boys' shadows on the way to the corner store for ice cream last night!Last night we were treated to a spectacular sunset! Ethan was mesmerised!

And here is Ethan by the end of the walk... to quote his Grandad Papps "the lights are on but no-one is home!"

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