Sunday, January 29, 2012

Perth Trail Series: Race 2

The second race of the Perth Trail Series includes some serious climbs! But what goes up must come down so there was a decent downhill as well. Here is the course profile:

With the recent heatwave I was really apprehensive about doing this race (initially forecast to be 40 degrees race day), but as the week progressed the temperatures were revised downwards! Yay! I think it was a nice 24 degrees at 7am on race day so I was very pleased about that.

As with the first race I ran well at the beginning. I paced myself well up the hills knowing that I was in for some respite once we hit 5km. I then really pushed the downhill (I love downhill running and am good at it!). At one stage I hit 3.38/km pace! But even though it was downhill the wheels were bound to fall off as I really do not have the fitness to sustain that. So at 7km we hit a small uphill and I was again passed by a few girls, I grovelled my way back to the end as I really had pushed hard on the downhill! I am getting fitter and stronger but it is hard to be running courses that I know I would smash if I were fully fit! I think I ended up in 6th or 7th position again (I'll edit the post once the actual results are in)! Its great to be out there running again and I just need to be consistent and patient and I know the running form will return!

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