Monday, September 24, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have had lots of complaints for the static least it means that some people actually read what I write :-)

So since I have last updated you all my training hours have been steadily increasing. I am up to 21.5 hours of training this coming week (including my first 6 hour bike ride for a while!). I am totally loving training at the moment and having some awesome sessions! My body is responding really well to the extra hours of training.

A few weekends ago I cycled the Rimutaka's which is something I have been meaning to do for a while. I was a bit scared about the downhill originally and seeing a 4 wheel drive smash into the bank on our way up did nothing to alleviate this fear! But as I had been told the descent is fine as you tend to be going about the same pace as cars! Stoked to have finally done this ride! The next hill on my list to conquer is Admirals hill over in the Wairarapa.

Its just 5 weeks until K2 (200km bike race around the Corromandel) and after some awsome training I am feeling a whole lot more confident for this event! Kevin (my Coach) is emphasising that this is not a RACE for me, rather a tough training day! The K2 website says that: The K2 is the toughest one day cycle challenge in the Southern Hemisphere! It is also one of the most scenic and varied with the route traveling through sub tropical forest, pacific coastlines, rural farmland and the Puhutakawa coastline of the Hauraki Gulf. Really looking forward to this now!

Jason's training is going well, although he is still losing weight! They are building up to 43km of swimming in a week now... one of their key sessions coming up is 75 * 100m intervals. That's gonna be a mission!

So with Jason and I both really busy with training we have not had much time for anything else around the house really, sorry Mum and Dad- our garden is looking a bit neglected!

This weekend I have a house full of Canoe Polo boys as Jason has the Canoe Polo inter-regional championships on. They are playing out at Naenae pool on Saturday and Sunday! Hmmm our house is small enough without 4 - 5 extra boys in it :-)

Jason and I are also (with other squad members) helping our swim coach out with some filming for his Gliding On swimming DVD on Friday night which should be interesting!

October is a really busy month for family birthday's as well, my Mum, Dad, sister, niece and Sister in law's birthdays all fall within the first 15 days of the month!!!

Also, the countdown is on till I hit the big 30!!! Less than 50 days now until I leave the 20's for good!

That's all from me, I promise not to be as slack from now on!

Monday, September 3, 2007

My body's in shock!

Sheesh last week was a toughie, my training hours jumped up to 16 hours and my body went into a bit of shock. I hadn't really thought much about it but I really hadn't been doing much training over the 6 weeks since the ankle injury (set out below) so last week was always going to hurt:

Sunday 15 July: Injury
16 - 22 July: 1 * Swim, 1 * 20 min jog and Captain cooks race (2.5 hours)
23 - 28 July: 1 * swim, 2 * EASY short jogs (could barely walk after Captain Cooks race)
30 July - 5 August: Very easy week getting back into it.
6 - 12 August: 9 hours training
13 - 19 August: Aim was 9 hours training, but got a cold and only did about 6.5 hrs!
20 - 26 August: Half a week off recovering from cold and 10km race, then about 6 hours training.

So as you can see I have had 6 pretty light weeks volume wise with all that has happened. So when Kevin sent my programme last week he did say that the first three weeks would be very solid!

I got through all the training but was a grump for most of the week! Poor Jason. Between us last week we had to try and schedule about 22 sessions into the week which is VERY tough with one car. There was only one really hard day to schedule though. I ended up riding to Saturday's swim/ride brick and Jason picked me up afterwards. So it wasn't too bad.

Jason and I are trialling a combined training, food, and cleaning roster this week. With both of us so busy things are just not getting done round the house. So to try and combat that we have now planned the whole week's meals, who is responsible for cooking them, who is responsible for doing the dishes and a cleaning roster for the week so that we can do a little bit each day or every second day rather than having to do a major clean on the weekend when we are both really tired. Hopefully it helps out a bit!

Anyway that is about all for this week from me.