Saturday, June 25, 2011

My one month birthday and life so far... by Ethan Papps

So yesterday was my one month birthday.. I'm going to let you know about my life so far.

I didn't really want to leave my Mummy's tummy, and the doctors and midwives had to help me along. When I arrived I was really scared as the world was so different on the "outside", in fact I screamed and screamed because I didn't know what was going on. There were strange sounds, bright lights and all sorts of things that I didn't really like. I secretly think my Mummy was pleased that I was so loud to begin with as it meant she knew I was ok following a long couple of days trying to get here. I did recognise my Mummy and Daddy's voices though and that made me feel a little better.

We spent the first three days in the hospital and all I wanted to do was sleep, my journey to get into this world was long and arduous. I needed some time to get my energy back. Mummy and I were also working really hard to try and get this feeding sorted.

Because I was overdue, by day 4 (and my first day in my new house) I was really, really hungry. In fact I had the appetite of a 2 week old baby, but my mummy only had enough milk for a 4 day old baby. I tried and tried to get enough milk and 7 hours later we were both tired, emotional and not sure what to do next.

My Mummy and Daddy decided to do some complementary feeding with formula and do lots of expressing so that I could get enough to eat and also so that my Mummy's milk came in quicker.
My Mummy also found it hard to get me in a good position to feed, so we visited a really cool lady who helped us sort out this breastfeeding thing once and for all. We got a few good hints and tricks and now I get all the food I want whenever I want it!

Lots of people have given me lots of really cool presents as well, just for being here.. there are too many to name, but I really want to say thank you!

When I was 10 days old I got to meet my Nanny, that's my Mummy's Mummy. A week later I got to meet Poppy, that's my Mummy's Daddy. They think that I am lovely. I really enjoyed meeting them and hope too see them again before I get too big.

When I was 18 days old, my Mummy got sick and we had to go back to hospital for the weekend... It was dumb, I hated it and the drugs they gave my Mummy made me feel yucky as well. I didn't sleep very much that weekend and Mummy and I really wanted to get home.

On my actual one month birthday I got to meet my Daddy's Mummy, Daddy and younger sister!!! I think they think I am a pretty cool dude.

So far in my short life I have been to the beach, a wedding, the mall, the library, the Community Health Nurse and Mummy and Daddy's workplaces. Yesterday my Mummy took me supermarket shopping all on my own, we didn't take Daddy with us this time. I really miss my Daddy when he goes to work, but as he hates supermarket shopping I think he was secretly proud that Mummy and I managed on our own... mind you we did forget a few things... like his coffee- whoops.

My Mummy gets sad when I cry, so I try not to do it much. Sometimes when she is sad or tired, I do a massive fart for her, I am really good at them and it makes her smile. I like her smile!!

I sometimes find it hard to sleep, even when I am real tired. My Mummy and Daddy have lots of tricks to help me. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. They try walking me in my cool mountain buggy, carrying me in the sling, bouncing me on the swiss ball (Dad is better on the swiss ball than mum), cuddling me and singing to me (although Mum's song repertoire is really small, she is a much better singer than Daddy). Recently my Daddy found a really cool rainforest soundtrack on i-tunes, this relaxes me and helps me sleep. My Daddy is really good at finding new ways to help me sleep.

Here is a snapshot of my life so far... pretty cool huh.
I really LOVE the bath, and its my special time with Daddy. In fact, I want to be a good swimmer just like my Dad. Every night I try to impress him with my doggy paddle, I hope he notices! I'll tell you a secret, I actually used to practice my doggy paddle kick when I was inside my Mummy's tummy, cos I wanted to be real good at it when I was born. I think all the practice has paid off!I like sitting on the couch, hanging out with my Mummy watching daytime TV.Have I told you about my bouncer... did you know it vibrates and plays me music???
I have these funny things called hands... I am not quite sure what to do with them yet actually... sometimes they scratch my face and hurt me... but I am getting a bit more co-ordinated with them.
Well, its a tough life being a newborn, and I must go... I need a feed and another sleep! See ya real soon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A weighty tale...

Ethan is now 26 days old and is sitting in the 97th percentile for his age/weight at the moment... here are his weight stats:

  • Birth weight - 4.14 kg
  • Day 3: Discharge from hospital - 3.87 kg (- 270 gm)
  • Day 5: First home midwife visit - 4.03 kg (+ 160 gm and 40 gm above birth weight)
  • Day 7: Child Health Nurse visit - 4.18 kg (+ 150 gm)
  • Day 14: Child Health clinic - 4.762 kg (+ 582 gm)
  • Day 21: Child Health clinic- 5.14 kg (+ 378 gm)
  • Day 25: Hospital visit (just a small viral infection for Ethan) - 5.5 kg (+ 360 gm)
I am pleased to see his weight gain and is makes all the regular feeding worth it to see him thrive (he sometimes feeds as much as 1-2 hourly during the day and around 2.5 - 4 hourly overnight). To those of you that haven't had kids, feeding is counted from the start of one feed to the start of the next feed... so say Ethan feeds at 1am it means he could be ready for his next feed at 3.30am. Now Ethan takes around an hour to feed, burp, change and re-settle, so this means mummy is back in bed at 2am and then woken again as early as 3.15 - 3.30 ish for the next feed (or if we are lucky and get one of the rare 4 hourly feeds we have until 5am till the next feed).

All this feeding and small sleeps in between mean I am a very tired first time mum at the moment and I now have bags on the bags under my eyes hahaha. To help with my sleeping I try to get to bed straight after he's down for the night (usually around 8pm as I'm generally up again between 11.30pm and 1am).

But all this feeding means that little Ethan has now filled out those wrinkles that he was born with, see the difference below:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a wonderful addition to our family...

Ethan is such a wonderful addition to our life, he is the sweetest little boy! We have enjoyed every day since he has been with us (12 days now), even the night when my milk wasn't quite in and we tried to feed for 7 hours straight!

Ethan is a very content baby at the moment and we love every minute we get to spend with this precious gift of ours.

Here are some of the little bits of Ethan that I particularly love:

1. His wrinkles!2. His ears, check out the heart shape to the left of the photo, this is the beautiful sight that I get to gaze down on when he is feeding.
3. His hands, he has such beautiful elegant fingers and nails.
4. His feet... he has inherited his dads feet... very big, with long toes.
Of course I could carry on with all the little bits of Ethan that we love to pieces but I need to get back to our little man!