Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekend excitement

On the weekend just been we had a fair bit of (unplanned) excitement. While I was lucky enough to be having brunch with some girlfriends Ethan and Jason were at home hanging out. While Jason was vacuuming (as Ethan would say "he's a good man") Jason heard a massive crash and then all the power went out.

He ran out to the road and a contractor fixing the footpath had managed to knock the power pole holding out service wire up, pulling the line from our house (damaging the house in the process) and leaving a live line on the road.

Jason put out some road cones to stop cars driving over the line, called the power company and starting dealing with the aftermath of a moment's inattention!

Meanwhile, I was unaware of the drama and action going on at home and enjoying a leisurely brunch and chat!

I got home and Ethan was so excited... he told me a silly man had knocked our pole and didn't say sorry, which is very naughty!

We were very fortunate to have a new pole and power back by 4pm the same day! Although I had been on the phone to the insurer about emergency accommodation, just in case!

The process is an initial fault man gets dispatched to the site to essentially make the area safe, we then needed an electrician to fix up the house side of the wiring and then a reconnection crew comes out and put the new pole in, removes to old pole and reconnects the power! Let me tell you I am glad this happened on a fine day as during storms here the reconnection crews are kept very busy!

Here are a few photos of our day!

The power pole hole digger for the new pole.
 Ethan imitating the power pole hole digger!
 Crane lifting the new pole up and getting it into place.
 More of the same.

 Some of the numerous vehicles at the empty block next door during the day!
 Our new pole! 
 The new pole is in and the old one is chain sawed up!
 All cut up and ready to be taken away!
 Connecting our power to the main line across the road! 
As you can imagine it was one exciting day for a little boy! and to tell you a secret, his mama was pretty excited and happy that Jason sorted this out so quickly and efficiently!!!