Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home improvements - new carpet

This week we got new carpet in the two main bedrooms... and I couldn't be happier with the result! We took the opportunity to re-vamp Ethan's bedroom and convert his cot into a toddler bed. We did have a bed for Ethan but we felt using the cot as a toddler bed first would work better for his transition!

Anyway, here is his new, improved room! His new sentences are "Elepant has biga ears, Raffe has long neckkkk" (I'm trying to show how he pronounces his words - just in case any of you are thinking that I can't spell hahaha).
Here's Ethan's bedroom from the other angle. Complete with his reading corner as part of his pre-bed routine. 
Ethan lies on his floor, rubs his hands over the carpet and says "niiiicce carpet"...

The final change we made to his bedroom was to get rid of the chest of drawers and add more storage into one of his two huge wardrobes. Here is the result below. 
 Here is our bedroom with its new carpet!
 Other angle!
All in all we are all super happy with the results and are looking forward to our next project - the bathroom reno! Its time to get rid of the terracotta tiles!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Caversham Wildlife Park

Last weekend we visited Caversham Wildlife Park. It was a dream come true for out animal mad two year old! 

First we met the Koalas....
 We were allowed to get up close and personal as well.
 Next up it was time to touch a snake, which Ethan enjoyed a lot while I stood a safe distance away!
 Ethan loved playing with the rabbits!
 We then watched a farm show. Horse riding, mustering, billy spinning, sheep shearing, whip cracking and more!
 Ethan is going through a horse phase at the moment... so when he saw the farmer on the horse he kept saying "Ethan my, Ethan horse, my...". Unfortunately there was no chance for Ethan to ride the horse!
 As the sun started to drop lower we visited the Kangaroos (or Wangaroos as Ethan calls them).... they were lazing in the sunshine, trying to get the last of the day's rays!
 Ethan loved feeding the Kangaroos!
All in all it was a great day! I love being able to give Ethan all these experiences!