Monday, October 24, 2011

Rolling, rolling, Ethan Papps

A couple of weeks ago, after lots and lots of trying I finally rolled from my back to my tummy. Mummy put me to bed and thought that I was going to sleep, little did she know I had other plans. You see, I had worked out that if I held onto the sides of the cot I would be able to help myself roll over. I pretended that I was going to go to sleep so that mummy would leave the room. Once she was got I got down to business. I tried two or three times and I kept falling back but then I put a little more effort in and I did it!!!! I was so proud of myself.

I don't now how she knew but my mummy came in and got a photo of me on her phone, just as I made it over. She tried to tell me she has eyes in the back of her head and can see everything I do... I'm not so sure though.
Here is my roll in action for you so that you can see how clever I am.Now that I can roll I do it whenever I can, anytime night or day. Last night I rolled at 2am, 4am and 6am. I even try to roll while I am asleep (top right hand photo below)...
Now, I just need to learn how to get off my tummy and back onto my back... apparently its easier, but I haven't sussed that one out yet!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fitness and health update

On September 2 I posted about wanting to get fit and healthy again, it that post I noted that my specific goals for the next three months were to lose 10kg and get fit enough to be able to run 20-25km easily in a session!

Well it has been 7 weeks and I have lost 9.8kg of the 10kg I wanted to lose and my running is really starting to come along. I ran nearly 50km in total last week and 10km runs are really comfortable now. So for the next 5 weeks of my three month health and well-being quest I aim to get the running distance up to around the 20-25 km mark for my long run session of the week.

I have found a great gym group that I go to 3 times a week (based at a Thai Kickboxing Gym). We are all mothers and most of us take our kids with us to the gym. The sessions are all different and can be thai kickboxing, boxing, boot camp style (i.e. dragging tyres, hitting tractor tyres with sledgehammers, carrying drainpipes above our heads filled with water etc), a mix of cardio and strength work (i.e. 1km run, followed by 40 pressups, then a 400 run, followed by 50 tricep dips etc) or just plain strength work. It is a great gym to go to and all the girls are really supportive.

Ethan and I then go running with a girl from our Mothers group on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Jason, Ethan and I go running on Saturdays.

If I can't make any of these sessions (i.e. if Ethan is sleeping) then I do a windtrainer/skipping super session out on our back patio.

So it is all coming together and I am feeling great.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Mum!!!

Today, 15/10/11, is another very special day. It is my Mum's 60th birthday! I really wish we could have been there to celebrate the day with you!

Its not until you become mum that you realise what being a mum actually means. I am who I am today because of my mother and all that she poured into me during my formative years.

Thank you mum for keeping me safe, for teaching me life's lessons (the good and the bad), for supporting my dreams and for picking me up when I fall. But most of all thank you mum for teaching me to be a mum! I hope that I do half as good a job as you did! Happy Birthday Mum.
Mum, I love you so much!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

Yesterday, 09/10/11, was a very special day. It was my Dad's 70th birthday! I really wish we could have been there to celebrate the day with you!

Not many can have a father who’s half as great as you. You are the reason, I am. Every year, your birthday reminds me how grateful I am that you are my father.With all that’s going on in the world today, I’m thankful I get to watch you, to look up to you, being an example of a good man. What a privilege it is to observe your strength, your competence, and your kindness. I am so blessed to be under your protection, your care, learning important life lessons from you. If all fathers were like you, the world would be a very different and much better place. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Here are a few memories on me and you over the years!

Of all the men in the whole wide world, there is no man who I respect more, or of whom I am more proud. Throughout the years, you’ve worked so hard to provide us a happy life.

Your hands show us just how hard you have worked to give us a good life!
Dad, I love you so much!