Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yay!!! Great news....

Yay.... after weeks of feeling low on energy and just not wanting to train I woke up today and I feel 100% better and more positive. Its amazing, like a switch has been flicked on again! Phew... I was starting to get a bit down and out.

That's all for now. I just want it to be 5pm now so I can go and train hehehe

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gardening, new bikes, swim countdown, race DNFs....

So the countdown is on for jason's big swim... just 10 days to go now for them. In between now and the big day (and its going to be a big day) Jason and Anna are off to Christchurch for the next race in the Sovereign Ocean Swim series. This is another 2.8km ocean swim. This time it is in Christchurch's Corsair Bay (which I hear is probably a bit colder than Wellington- and definitely colder than Taupo). So over the next 10 days we need to finalise all the arrangements for the swim. First (and I think most importantly) we need to finalise Jason's food plan. Potentially 12+ hours is a long time to need to fuel the body for (even without the exercise).

I got a great new sponsorship deal recently for a new bike which is VERY exciting. Unfortunately the first time I used it I had a bit of a mare and had to withdrawal from a race. I have been sick recently and I just think that I didn't have the required energy for the race and I had a couple of dizzy spells. However, that being said the bike was great so looking forward to using it for races and training. A DNF from a race is never an easy decision and I know that there are some of you out there that think that DNFing is mentally weak and that once you do it once then it gets easier and easier to do it. I am happy with my decision to not continue racing and I think that I am probably in better condition now for the choice than I would have been otherwise. I know that this is my second DNF in 6 months (the first being the Wellington 10km running champs) but I certainly know within myself that I made the decisions for the right reasons at the time and no one other than me knows all the reasons for a DNF so it is no ones place to judge me on my decisions without having the full information. Anyway that's enough of that. Looking onwards and upwards (well maybe sidewards) right now.

Recently Jason and I have been doing a lot in our garden (well overdue). So far we have taken two massive loads of garden rubbish to the dump (290 and 320kg respectively)! But there is a huge difference now. I am really enjoying doing something for the house right now. A lot of what we are doing is clearing old crap that needs to be done beofre we get to the more exciting part of developing and designing our new garden. What we have done now probably makes our garden look a bit worse (overall) in the interim but we need to do this remedial work before we can carry on.

Unfortuately Jason is away this weekend, the BIG SWIM is next weekend, and then there is just one more weekend before my nationals so available time to spend in the garden is limited for the next month which is a shame as we were starting to achieve quite a bit.

Anyway that's all for my rambling for this week. Sorry that there are no photos this time. I will post a few garden shots soon.