Thursday, May 31, 2007

Swim time trial: 31 Mar 2007

Jason and I both had a 500m swim time trial at swimming this morning. I had 3 goals for the time trial, these were to:
  1. Pace myself over the 500m with an aim to negative split (come home in the second half faster);
  2. Start tumble turning; and
  3. Finish the TT in 7 mins 30 secs.

I achieved/exceeded all three goals. I tumble turned 5 out of the 9 turns, had a negative split and completed the TT in 7 mins 14 secs.

Jason's goal was to come in under 7 mins and he smashed that goal... he did the TT in 6.36! Wow that is fast!

So a good morning for both of us... Ali (our swim coach) said that Jason and Anna (lake taupo swim buddy) will eventually be doing 5km time trials! Sheesh... that's going to be tough!

J and J

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canoe Polo National League finals this weekend

Jason has his Canoe Polo National League finals this weekend in Naenae in Wellington. His team, the Wellington Knights, are currently 2nd equal on the points table with the Vikings Black from Palmerston North.

Jason's game times are:
1.00pm vs. Vikings Gold (P Nth B)
4.30pm vs. Bailiffs (Chch B)
8.00pm vs. Vikings Black (P Nth A)
3.30pm vs. Justice (Chch A)
6.00pm vs. Kaos (Akld)
9.30pm vs. Hurricanes (Hawkes Bay)

The finals games will be played Monday afternoon.

Watch this space for results and photos!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Vosseler Shield, Hilly Cross Country Races, Mt Victoria

I had the Vosseler Shield on the weekend which is a very hilly cross country race over Mt Victoria. The race starts with a really nasty uphill about 100m into the race. Here is a picture of the first hill (we run with the under 19 men and they are out in front here).

You breathing gets pretty ragged after this uphill and it never really gets back to normal. This race is all about being able to run at your VO2 max (which is hard). The race is over varied surfaces as well, with clay, grass, tree roots, pine needles and road to navigate! I did 25.20 (7th open women) over this course in 2006 and was passed on the final short uphill just before the finish line by Natalie Smith. I have been running better this year so hoped to have a good improvement on that time!

The track was nice and dry this year after some mild early winter weather and I did 24.20 (yay) so exactly a minute faster than in 2006. I came in 4th open women and managed to hold off Kendal on the line (soooo pleased not to be passed on the line this year)! This was a 12 sec per kilometer improvement!

I have mixed feelings about the race though, I am pleased with the improvement but I didn't feel that I had a great race in general. I was probably experiencing some residual tiredness from the two races (university relays and triple peaks) from the previous weekend and my hamstring tightened a bit in the first downhill so I couldn't really push as hard as I wanted to.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Training this week: 21 - 27 May

So Jason has decided that he is going to train to swim across Lake taupo- from Turangi to Taupo: 40.2km in total! For the next few weeks Jason will just be increasing his swim sessions from 2 squad swims to 3 - 4 swims a week. This first week has been a good week for him, with 3 swims under his belt already, one planned for tonight and the weekend still to come. Watch this space :-)

I m still concentrating on my running at the moment (just maintaining my cycling and swimming) and I am well into the harriers season. I have a tough race tomorrow- the infamous Vosellor Shield. A 5km run over Mt Vic! Eeeekkkk its always a lung buster! I did 25.20 last year so looking at doing a faster time this year!

Thats all for this week... till next time!

J & J

Welcome to Pembroke Rd

Hi there,

Welcome to Pembroke Rd, this is where Jason and I will keep you up to date with all that is happening in our lives. Stay posted for more information coming your way soon!

Jac and Jas