Friday, May 25, 2007

Training this week: 21 - 27 May

So Jason has decided that he is going to train to swim across Lake taupo- from Turangi to Taupo: 40.2km in total! For the next few weeks Jason will just be increasing his swim sessions from 2 squad swims to 3 - 4 swims a week. This first week has been a good week for him, with 3 swims under his belt already, one planned for tonight and the weekend still to come. Watch this space :-)

I m still concentrating on my running at the moment (just maintaining my cycling and swimming) and I am well into the harriers season. I have a tough race tomorrow- the infamous Vosellor Shield. A 5km run over Mt Vic! Eeeekkkk its always a lung buster! I did 25.20 last year so looking at doing a faster time this year!

Thats all for this week... till next time!

J & J

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