Monday, January 16, 2012

Perth Trail Series: Race 1

The Perth Trail Series consists of 5 short but challenging trail races in the hills surrounding Perth. The races range from 8 to 19 kms. The first race was yesterday up at Yanchep National Park.

There was a choice of 2 distances (12 or 19km). I originally entered the 19km race but I thought better of it and changed to the short distance on race morning.

To get to the race start on time we needed to leave home at 5.30am. Ethan fed at 3.40 - 4.20 am so there was no point me going back to sleep so it was an early start for me. We had to wake Ethan to put him in the car but we hoped he would sleep on the drive up to the race, but that was wishful thinking haha.

The race itself was basically 12 km of sand running! So that combined with the humidity, temperature, my lack of fitness and minimal sleep meant that I was in for a bit of a slog. I was in second place for a fair chunk of the race... until the wheels fell off around 8.5km.... then I was passed by 4 girls! So in the end I finished up in 7th position, but there was only 2 minutes from the first place-getter to me so it was reasonably close. Either way its a start for me and my journey back to fitness!The next race in the series is on 29 January so I have 2 weeks to build some more fitness!

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