Sunday, January 1, 2012

Random recent happiness and fun times!

So this post is just a mix of recent goings on, happiness and fun times in the Perth Papps household!

The first and biggest news is that Ethan has now learned the art of crawling! He still needs some convincing to actually crawl but I have found that Ethan will crawl for his guitar (I suppose I should be pleased that he isn't quite crawling EVERYWHERE yet)!

Ethan is our little water baby, he LOVES it. Here he is having fun trying to "catch" the water with Dad!
Have you ever tried to read "fox in socks" out loud? Wow, that's a tongue twister! Here are a couple of verses-

You can make a
quick trick chick stack.
You can make a
trick clock stack.

New socks.
Two socks.
Whose socks?
Sue's socks.

Who sews whose socks?
Sue sews Sue's socks.

Who sees who sew
whose new socks, sir?
You see Sue sew
Sue's new socks, sir.

See what I mean! Anyway, Ethan has his very own fox in socks toy! We have a lot of fun with fox in socks, and I try my hardest to read the actual fox in socks to Ethan!
I think that there is a joy to be had the first time a plant blossoms, well- our frangipani flowered for the first time this year!
Ethan got a kite for Christmas from his Aunty Melissa, we spent yesterday afternoon at the park flying it! We had a great time!
So there you have it, a mix of recent things that have been going on over here!

Happy 2012 to you all xxx.

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