Friday, May 17, 2013

Zealandia visit

 While we were in New Zealand we braved the rain (a number of times)... this day was to visit Zealandia (the Karori Sanctuary Experience). Zealandia is home to a mix of endangered fauna, protected by a very secure fenceline. I understand there is over 30km of walking trail throughout the sanctuary (we only visited a fraction of that while we were there!).

 Ethan and Jason were very impressed with the birdlife on display (have I mentioned before how much Ethan likes birds.... he shouts out "birbies, birbies" which sounds like boobies, boobies.... slightly inappropriate at times).
Although it was a pretty dismal day there were still a number of great photo opportunities!
 I miss NZ bushland a lot.... photography in Western Australia just isn't the same!

 The whole family enjoyed the visit!
 Tui's are such magnificent birds! There were so many to take photos of and Ethan really was in his element!
 Lucky Ethan was in his backpack, otherwise he would have chased this fellow around for a bit!
 Here are a few more photos from the day...

 I was particularly taken with the wind on the water and in the reeds!
Ethan loved the visit (here he is in my rain coat as we forgot his!!).
 At the end of the visit we had a good look at the onsite shop and Ethan chose an albatross to take home. "Albie" has become a firm favourite at home!
All in all we had a lovely visit to Zealandia and we will be back!

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