Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dinner on Mayling - by Ethan Papps

I love boats! I love them a lot! While we were in Wellington my NanDad took me out on his boat, Mayling. I was very excited about going on my NanDad's boat, even if it was raining just a little!

My NanDad even bought me my very own life jacket to keep me safe.
At first I was a little scared.... and unsure of myself.
But once my Grandma bought out some chips I soon forgot about being scared!
I really enjoyed the wind in my hair as well! 
As we headed out to where we were going to anchor up for dinner we got to see Wellington's new sign... I'm not sure what all the fuss is about!
Soon after I got a little cold, even in my Grandma's very warm home knitted jersey! So my Dad and I sat up the front so I could see where we were going but still be out of the cold!
After a while we arrived at Scorching Bay, my mumma tells me she used to do lots of races here!

So we could stay a while we needed to drop the anchor. I went out the front of the boat to help everyone out!
My Aunty Leza was coming round on her motorbike so we needed to pick her up from the beach. My Dad took me out in the little motor boat to pick her up but I did not like it one bit. I was much happier looking out for my Aunty Leza with my Aunty Mel!
 I can see her Mumma! I can see Aunty Leza coming in for dinner!
 After a yummy dinner of noodles I was starting to get tired. So my mumma and I watched a little bit of Madagascar while everyone tidied up and we started to head back home.

After a while we went back out on deck and got to motor back under the stars! By now I was really enjoying my time on the boat and started yelling out "boat, boat, boat" just so everyone knew how much I was enjoying myself!

I am so very glad that we got to go out on my NanDad's boat!

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