Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mt Kaukau

 Another one of the must do things while we were in Wellington was to take Ethan up My Kaukau (approx 500m above sea level). This meant a tough slog for Jason carrying Ethan in the backpack!

The first few sections are really steep, but it flattens out and becomes a bit easier after that!
And lets face it, the views from the top are awesome!
 We don't get many family photos! So we took advantage of pretty much the only fine day in Wellington!
 Wellington, there's no city like it really! Perth is lovely, but Wellington holds a very special place in my heart!
 Ethan loved frolicking at the top of the hill!
 Ethan and me checking out the view! I showed him all my favourite running places in Wellington!
 Ethan, me and Grandma waving to Jason!
 Here is a stitched together photo of the view from the top of Mt Kaukau! STUNNING! (click on the photo and you will see it a little bigger!).
There are lots of things I miss about Wellington, and this is one of them!

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