Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day trip to Takaka

 While we were in New Zealand Ethan's Great Grandad was going to visit us in Wellington. Unfortunately due to health issues he was unable to make it. So as he couldn't come to us, we decided to take a day trip to see him!

This was the size aeroplane we have to go in to get to Takaka!
Despite being such a small plane it was still pretty comfortable. Grandad was up front with the pilot and Grandma, Jason, Ethan and I were in the back. Ethan even got to sit in his car seat strapped into the main seat!

We had some stunning views on the trip... here is was we got to see as we left Wellington!
Ethan wasn't as fussed on the scenery as the rest of us and decided to read some of the material the airline kindly supplied!
We got a very good view of Wellington's wind farm!
And some stunning shots of the Marlborough sounds. In the bottom right photo you can see the flood water and the normal water merging... stunning!
On our way into Takaka we hit some turbulance... Ethan LOVED it.... as you can see from his facial expressions!
We flew in over some lovely farmland!
And got to see Great Grandad (and get another 4 generation photo!).
Ethan was so excited as his Great Grandad pulled out some very old cars for him to keep! They are a firm favourite in this household now! Here we are enjoying some of the Takaka weather!
It was a short visit (just a day trip) and it was soon time to go! Here is Ethan with one of his new cars!
Ethan and Gran loved checking out the cows on the way out of Takaka airport!
And again we were treated with some stunning scenery!
The sun was getting lower as we left the South Island and the clouds were amazing.
Ethan had a massive day (missing his day sleep) and the buzz of the small plane just got the better of him... I never thought we would get a video like this one with our night owl son.... but this is what happens when you REALLY tire our little boy out!

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So we had an amazing day, visiting Great Grandad and being treated to a breathtaking flight to get there! 

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