Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I got up to while recovering from surgery... by Ethan Papps

After my surgery I wasn't allowed to go to daycare for two weeks! My Mummy and Daddy are both in new jobs and don't have a lot of leave available so my Grandma came all the way from New Zealand to look after me while I was recovering! It was great spending time with my Grandma!

The first few days weren't too bad, but my throat was way too sore to swallow my dribble... and I was quite tired so I could only play for short periods off time!
Watermelon, yoghurt, water, ice blocks and juice were nice and easy to eat when my throat was sore!
 When I was getting better I needed lots of cuddles with my mum because I didn't feel that amazing!
My Gran and I went for lots of walks, but one day the pram tyre was flat. So I got the pump out and showed my gran how to fix it! My Gran was so impressed with how clever I was!
Each day I had bursts of energy, but would tire quickly. One of the days me and my Daddy played in the rain! I loved it and it reminded me of my trip to NZ.
Mum, Gran and Dad tried thinking up lots of indoor activities for me. We had puzzles, books, movies, building blocks, duplo, played with all my animals and stuffed toys and more.

One of the days my mum made me some play dough food to go in my pots and pans! Yum, Yum, Yum!
My Mum also found a recipe for edible finger paint. So we made it one day and had heaps of fun! Of course I likes to eat it as well!
 My Gran and I played in our sand pit lots!
And we made a gravel pit for all my diggers and trucks!
 My Gran took me to lots of parks and as you can see I was looking better by the day!
I decided that I wanted to play "house" with my mum! It was fun, my mum LOVED it! 
Here I am just having a good time and loving spending more time with my Gran, Mum and Dad!
 On one of the weekends we went to the Zoo. It was the best trip ever! I saw more animals there than I have ever seen!
 We also went to the beach, and as you can see I was basically back to my old self! I had a ball running around on the sand!
 So as you can see I had a great two weeks with my Gran looking after me! My breathing has been much better since my operation and generally I have been feeling better. My sleep has not been so good, but I promise my Mummy and Daddy that I will work on getting better at sleeping during the night for them!!!

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