Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trip to New Zealand

A couple of weeks ago we headed to New Zealand to visit with Jason's family. This is a general post on the Wellington visit and over the coming few days I'll do specific blogs on some of the activities we did while in NZ!

We travelled to NZ via Melbourne which meant Ethan could have a run round in between two 3.5 hour flights. We were very lucky to have an extra seat allocated to us the for both flights. But unfortunately Ethan did not sleep a wink while we were travelling. Luckily Ethan has finally gotten used to using headphones and he could watch all his favourite movies on the iPad!

We got to Melbourne airport and Ethan ran round like a crazy lunatic for half an hour...Here he is just hanging at the airport watching planes (after running around like the crazy lunatic!)....
We arrived in NZ at around 11pm (which was about 8pm for Ethan's body clock). By the time we got back to Jason's parents, had a quick catch up, played with some of the cool toys Grandma had for Ethan and got Ethan down to sleep it was 2am NZ time. I've had more relaxing flights, but all in all it wasn't too bad.

The next few days we had very strange sleep times for Ethan (i.e. sleep in to 10 am, day sleep at 4pm and bed at around midnight!).... but he slowly bought those times back. Although we never got him to bed any earlier than around 10pm. These timings worked for night time activities though - we got to go out in the evening without the 5pm witching hour! 

Wellington was a little colder than Perth... here we are all rugged up!
Wellington sure has better scenery the Perth! This is the view from Jason's parent's kitchen window (on the days that we weren't clouded/fogged in!).
Ethan enjoyed the table and chair his Grandma got him!
One of our evening activities was a trip to Te Papa! Ethan LOVED it! We went around 5.30 pm and it was virtually empty. It was great as we pretty much had free rein over what we wanted to see and when. It also meant that Ethan could run round a little as well!

Ethan particularly loved the outdoor bush exhibition at Te Papa!
Once we got home from Te Papa and dinner Ethan wanted to play on his scuttle bug.... but was just too tired to ride it! But he didn't want to get off it hahaha!
Here are a couple of photos of Ethan that I like from the trip. Here he is watching a movie on the iPad (again)!
Ethan loving his bean bag (and his nondles (jandals)).
Ethan really enjoyed playing with his Aunty Leza's cooking set! Its good to see Fisher Price toys last over 30 years!
Ethan loves helping with cooking these days... as long as he can lick the spoon!
Ethan was in his element at his grandparents place, he got to watch birds, planes and boats - as well as spot rainbows!
One evening after a day cooped up inside we took Ethan for a walk/play down at Oriental parade. As you can see from the photos it was a lovely evening!

Some relaxation time - Grandma knitting, I'm playing sudoku and Ethan is mixing it up between the train table borrowed for the week and playing some of his games on the iPad.
Jason and I try to visit lots of different parks with Ethan and while we were in NZ this was no different. Here we are at the park up in the Wellington Botanical gardens! Ethan loved the slide!

I think this is the last time Ethan will fit in the porta cot!!!
 On the way home we came across a clown and face painter at Auckland airport! I don't think Ethan quite knew how to react! At least he didn't cry!
Our flight home was tough.... we flew direct from Auckland to Perth and true to form Ethan didn't sleep at all... He was also very restless and did not like the nearly 8 hour flight! He was so exhausted by the time we got home that he went to sleep in the car and for the first time ever we managed to get him from the car, changed into PJs and into bed without him waking!!!

That's just a snapshot of our NZ trip. Watch the blog for some specific posts of the activities that I particularly enjoyed and deserve posts all of their own!!!!

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