Sunday, May 5, 2013

Otari Wilton Bush

One of my favourite activities on our trip to New Zealand was taking Ethan to Otari Wilton bush and playing in the creek! This was a firm favourite of mine growing up so I wanted Ethan to experience some NZ bush!

It was raining pretty heavily the day we went but that added to the whole experience I think!We got out of the car and Ethan started jumping in puddles saying "water, water, water". His joy was infectious!

Here we are at the entrance to the bushland reserve.

Given the rain and the clouds it was really hard capturing how lovely it was, but here are some shots of the bush! 
Otari Wilton bush brings back many happy running memories for me... when living in New Zealand I would run through there at least once a week! Ohhh how I miss some of the running in NZ!
Here is the nice shallow stream that we played in with Ethan! It was just lovely!
Ethan and I playing "boats" in the stream!

We don't have many family shots. I love these two family photos!!

Its always good to get a nice photo of Jason and me as well!
Ethan had an absolute ball throwing stones in the creek and using leaves and sticks as boats.

At one point Ethan just waded right in above his gumboot height!!!

Uh oh.... who's watching the toddler!!
All in all it was a really awesome, albeit wet, outing! I loved it and I know Ethan had a ball!

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