Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 in review...

So another year has passed and it is time to reflect on the best of 2010. The standout things for the year for Jason and I were:

Family is incredibly important to both Jason and I, some of the highlights for 2010 include:
  1. falling pregnant with our first child, due May 2011;
  2. Celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary in August;
  3. seeing Jason's family a number of times (NZ in March and Perth in September and December);
  4. seeing my extended family (Rotorua Tickelpenny's) in NZ in March;
  5. Being visited by Jane and Quentin in December; and
  6. Spending Christmas and New Years with my family (a blog post to come on this).
Friends: Just like family, our friends are also really important to us:
  1. Visiting a number of friends in NZ in March (Megan; Lawrence, Nicci and James; and Blossom and Kate);
  2. Celebrating with Sam and Marnie at their wedding in March;
  3. Celebrating with Natalie and Deano at their wedding in April; and
  4. Celebrating with Melanie and Michael at the engagement party in October.
Travel and adventures:
  1. I had two work trips, one in Melbourne and the other in Singapore;
  2. we spent 3 weeks in New Zealand, spending most of our time in Taupo, but visited Orakei Korako and Waitomo Caves;
  3. I ran a 59.8km epic ultra marathon; and
  4. We checked out some of WA's local sights: the thrombolites, New Norcia, the Stirling ranges and the Pinnacles.
Arts and culture:
  1. I tried my hand at glass bead making;
  2. we enjoyed Drum Tao, the Japanese drum show at the Perth Concert Hall;
  3. we enjoyed Crowded House at Sandalford Estate; and
  4. we rocked with 60,000 other fans at U2.
  1. Jason bought a new car, "Black Betty".
So when looking back, although it was a quieter year than usual for us we have still done a lot, seen a lot and enjoyed life with our family and friends. We are really looking forward to 2011 with a lot of changes in store for us.

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