Sunday, August 22, 2010

6 year wedding anniversary

22 August 2010- 6 years since Jason and I were married in Noosa Australia. It really doesn't seem like that long ago at all. But when looking back I see all that we have achieved in those 6 years...To commemorate the day and the journey leading up to the day, I thought I would share some of the great memories we have.

It started with the engagement. We were heading to a Jazz Festival at Church Road Winery in Hawkes Bay and decided to stay overnight in a lovely hotel in Palmerston North. At 3am (and far too excited to sleep) Jason woke me up to ask me to marry him. I can't recall (at all) what he said, but I said a big YES. The next day I was into planning mode, lists upon lists upon lists.

Fast forward 5 months and we were ready to head off to Noosa for a couple of weeks with 36 close family and friends. On the eve of our flight out a massive storm hit Wellington and closed not only the airport, but all the major driving routes out of Wellington. At this stage we were uncertain as to whether we were even going to be able to fly out. The airport opened the morning after, and after a few more hiccups at the airport we made it out of Wellington. They held the plane in Auckland for us and we were on our way.

Once we arrived in Australia it was all go. Meeting the photographer, finalising the venue, hair and make up trials, picking flowers with Mum, making the gifts for our guests, folding and adding the ribbons to the napkins, meeting the celebrant and having all the necessary rehersals. Finally, after a whirlwind few days we were ready to go.

The night before was really relaxing for me, a manicure and pedicure, followed by a lovely dinner with my bridesmaid Josie. Jason and his grooms men played poker, drank bourbon and smoked cigars all evening.

As our wedding day dawned I went for a good long walk on the beach before we started to get ready. Here I am with my girls- my sisters Camille and Tiffinee and my friend Josie.
We were transported to the ceremony (which was at the Noosa rivermouth) in style- the 1969 Valient and two late model V8 Holden Utes. Here are some photos of the ceremony.Yay, we are married.Some black and whites of the wedding party, and me and Jason.
More photos as the day progressed. Jason's groomsmen- Lorry, Sam and Mark.
It was a fantastic day, light winds (by Wellington standards), about 25 degrees and our closest friends and family with us.
We were lucky to have the reception at a great restaurant on the beach front.
And finally, three of my favourite photos from the day.
It was a wonderful day and I may be slightly biased in saying this, but it was the best wedding I have ever been to. Here's to another 70 odd years of marriage and many more memories to come!!

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M.N.M's said...

Beautiful post and stunning pictures. Hasn't the past six years flown!

I espcially love the group shot of you all holding hands and the one of the two of you reflected in the water on the same collage.

What a glorious day you had for the best wedding you've ever been to! :-)