Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mmmmm Pizza

So last weekend my brother (a chef) and sister in law (who is also pregnant) came to stay. We had a great few days but today's post is all about the new pizza stone. On the Saturday morning we were all trying to decide what to have for dinner. We all decided on home made pizza. For one, it meant we could use the new kenwood for the base. Also, Jason has been wanting a pizza stone for quite some time.

So after a day out at Fremantle we made a quick stop at the kitchen warehouse for a pizza stone and a pizza paddle and then coles for some ingredients. Jane and Quentin were after a potato, garlic and choriza pizza, Jason was after a meat lovers and bbq sauce, and I wanted pumpkin and cherry tomato.

Expecatations were high and they were exceeded, the pizza stone worked brilliantly on the bbq and the food was just delish!!!

Here's Quentin making the pizza, the potato and chorizo finished product and the meat lovers in the making (on the bbq). No photos of the pumpkin and cherry tomato pizza and I was soooooo hungry and it was soooo good.
The following night, while Jane and Quentin were at a wedding, Jason made us garlic bread pizza style on the bbq for dinner. Yummo. I can see a whole summer of homemade pizzas ahead of us.

I think Jason's summary of the kenwood mixer (my Christmas pressie) was priceless as well - in his words - its bought nothing but joy so far!!

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