Sunday, December 5, 2010

My first pavlova

This weekend we had guests over for dinner (fellow kiwis) so I decided that I wanted to make a good traditional kiwi dessert. The mighty pavlova. I had never made a pavlova before so I wanted a tried and tested recipe from my mum. She gave a few good tips and tricks, especially as I do not know my new oven yet.

As well as the great recipe I had the great new kenwood mixer Jason bought me for Christmas (only given early for the sake of the pavlova). So between the great recipe, the FANTASTIC new kenwood mixer and a good reliable pavlova making oven I achieved the following result:
Not too bad for a first effort really. It tasted as good as it looked as well. I did toss up between mango and passionfruit with berries for the topping, but good old berries won the challenge on the day.

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