Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Pinnacles

Two weeks ago Jason's parents visited us in our new home (another blog to follow on that later today or early tomorrow). Jason took the week off to spend with them but I was unable to take time off due to work commitments. I also had a work course starting on the Sunday so we only had Saturday together. We decided to head north to the Pinnacles for a day.

The Pinnacles are limestone formations contained within Nambung National Park near Cervantes (a small fishing town about 3 hours north of Perth). Before we went to the Pinnacles we checked out some local wildflowers (wildflower season is August to November). See below for some of the photos. They weren't as good as usual as the flies were irritating us all and early on in the day I had disrupted an ant nest and I felt like the ants were all over me- hehehe.
The pinnacle formations are best viewed in the early morning or late afternoon as the play of light brings out the colours and the extended shadows of the formations delivers a contrast that brings out their features. So following the wildflowers we had a late picnic lunch at Jurien Bay. This meant that we arrived at the Pinnacles at around 4pm. The day had been very overcast but the sun was trying to peak through. It was way better than I expected but we missed out on the most spectacular sunset- we were driving home when the sky broke open. It would have been great to capture it at the Pinnacles, but we still got to experience the sunset!

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MNM's said...

Hey Jac

What a unique and otherworldly landscape. Love the contrast between the flowers and the pinnacles. One so beautiful, one so barren :-)