Monday, September 27, 2010

Our new house...

So a couple of weeks back Jason and I shifted house. At that time I promised some photos for you all... here they are. One of my favourite parts about the new house is the back lawn, with the new BBQ, outdoor table and chairs and outdoor couch. Its a fantastic back yard, at any stage of the day you can have sun light or shade and in the evening the sun just drops away so it will cool off nicely for the summer nights. For those NZ readers out there, the house profile looks a little like a marae to us :-)
We have a massive lounge out the back as well and have had to get a little more furniture. The tiles keep the room cool as well, which I am looking forward to over the coming summer months.
Here is our kitchen and dining area... did I mention lots of space in this new house??
The spare room (for anyone who wants to visit), Jason's computer room and the "exercise" room (a.k.a. the room with nothing in it yet).
And finally our bedroom... trust me it is as big as it looks as well.
So there you are, our new house for the next year or so. There's a room and a bed for anyone wanting to visit WA as well.

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