Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas, New Years and weeks 20 - 25

So its been a while since I have done an update, sorry about that so this one is going to be a long catch up blog.

Well, I spent Christmas and New Years over in Queensland with my family. While it was fantastic to see my family it rained about 95% of the time we were there. The Queensland floods were devastating and I am thankful that generally my family were all spared any major issues.

We flew into Queensland on Christmas Eve, arriving around 8pm. The flight wasn't too bad at all, but we seemed to be delayed everywhere. Landing, getting luggage and trying to leave the airport carpark. There were so many people travelling.

We had also left Western Australia's clear blue skies and 36 - 40 degrees, with minimal humidity, and arrived in Queensland's downpours, around 25 degrees and high humidity.

Christmas morning was a nice quiet affair before the troops arrived, so I got a couple of garden shots in (in between showers). Did you realise this is how pineapples grow?
I couldn't go all the way to Queensland without a fangipani shot. Unfortunately due to the weather only a handful of mum's 600+ frangipani plants were in bloom!Well Christmas this year was a Hawaiian theme, and everyone stepped up to the challenge.
Here is the Hayek family, they are all looking fantastic! I really love this collage.
Around 2pm (after many hours of stoking the outdoor cooking pit by Jason for the meat) we ate our scrumptious lunch. Mmmmmmm ham for the first time in 20 weeks!!! Fresh and yummy!!!

After lunch I had a lie down as I was pretty tired from the flight, the time difference, the humidity and being 20 weeks pregnant. But the party carried on around me. Here is a few more shots of the festivities.
All in all a great Christmas day, albeit tiring for me. I thankfully fell into a deep sleep around 9pm while the party animals carried on into the wee small hours.

The next few days in Queensland were pretty relaxing with 4 books read by me and at least a 2 hour sleep every day, however we were starting to get a bit of cabin fever as it was still raining. So Jason and I built some of my younger brother Tyson's K'nex from when he was younger. We ended up building a 6 foot space station out of 3000 pieces. It took us a day to build and a day to dismantle!

New Years Eve gave us the one day without rain and we made the most of it, I went on a good walk with Bella (the dog for those that don't know), Jason mowed Mum and Dad's soggy lawn and Jason and I took the kids to the New Year's Eve celebrations in Mooloolaba. Here are some shots of the kids enjoying the surf.

After the surf we had fish and chips for dinner followed up by baskin robbins sundaes. With the kids all hyperactive we waiting for the fireworks, which everyone enjoyed. The sugar soon wore off and we had a couple of quiet boys in the car on the way home.

We flew back to WA on New Years Day and had a couple of days off before heading back to work. In hindsight the break wasn't long enough and I wish that I had taken the next week off as well.

Anyway, on to Poppy. Poppy was 20 weeks exactly on Christmas Day and up to then I still hadn't felt any movements. But in between Christmas and New Years Jason and I were lying in bed one night, we both had a hand on my belly and YAY, we got a kick. It was great feeling it together and I was relieved to finally feel Poppy.

Since then Poppy is getting into a routine, I tend to get a good lot of kicks around 8pm at night and 3am in the morning. The rest of the time I get the odd kick here and there. If I ever want a kick an ice cold glass of water seems to wake Poppy up :-)

Since the week 19 photos my belly has increased substantially, and sorry if this next piece is too much information, but finally my belly is starting to make my boobs look to be more in proportion, hahaha. I had not anticipated increasing 6+ cup sizes when falling pregnant!! Anyway, here are a couple of belly shots from week 22.

And this is the most recent shot- nearly 25 weeks along now. Sheesh, I can't believe I still have 15 more weeks of growing to go. I have trouble getting up out of our very low bed these days as well as getting out of Jason's low car. So I am not sure how un-graceful I will be in 15 more weeks.Since Christmas I have got myself into a nice exercise routine. I am now walking everyday, anywhere from 4km up to 10km a day. I also do pregnancy pilates on a Saturday which has been really good for me.

We have also done a lot of baby shopping since Christmas, the nursery will be the subject of my next blog.

That's all for now. Until next time!


Meghan at MNM's said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful break with your family. Yay for getting some nana naps in - make the most of it while you can I say! 6 cup sizes...eek.. that's impressive. The body does do some crazy things during those 40 weeks. And that belly is looking lovely - still tiny I reckon but it's all relative when you're the one carrying it around though!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Hey there, we did have a great break. We only see them once a year (at the most).

Yeah, 6 cup sizes has been a surprise for me as well(FF!), which more than anything has stopped me running :-)

I agree that it is crazy what the body does!

Take care.