Friday, November 5, 2010

A new addition to the family is on the way...

Hi there,

Well the blog title says it all really. Jason and I are expecting an addition to the family around 14 May 2011. We had the 13 week scan today and the following are a few pictures of little Poppy (as Baby Papps is called at the moment). Poppy was named to represent its size the day we found out- a poppy seed. Poppy is now 69.9mm long!!!

Here's a photo of Poppy's heart beat, sitting at around 134 BPM.

This is relaxed Poppy, feet up on the wall of the uterus and hands behind the head. No doubt that so far Poppy's taking after Jason in this shot.
Poppy has two normal arms and hands, if you look closely on the right, thats a thumbs up.
The arms crossed over from above.
Finally the spine.
SO all in all, everything is normal and healthy and where it should be.

From now on the blog that used to be all about triathlon will no doubt become all about little Poppy and the progress through the next 27 more weeks.


MNM's said...

Ah that is such lovely news.....congrats to you both!!!! Hope you have been keeping well and not feeling ill or too weary in these early weeks :-)

Megan said...

Congrats to you both!!! Very happy for you and little Poppy - you will be great parents! Hugs and bugs! Mx