Saturday, September 29, 2012

So what's beyond the gate at #58??!?

So a few weeks ago (probably months ago with the way time flies) I read a post on a friends blog (Meghan from MnMs blog) where she took her readers for a 'walk' through her neighborhood. Meghan's post got me thinking about telling you all about what's beyond the gate at #58 Green st!
Across the road from our place is Ethan's daycare - St Peter and Emmaus Early Learning  and Development Centre. Each day we get to just walk across the road for daycare drop offs and pick ups. I can't tell you how much this helps with our day. Not having to bundle a tired toddler into a car at the end of the day is such a blessing. We are home in just 30 seconds (or longer if there are birds for Ethan to spot).
Around 800m from our place is Dog Swamp shopping centre (yes there is a suburb in perth called dog swamp :-) here we have coles, woolies, bakers delight, a chemist, a bottle shop, a book shop, florist and more.
Across the road from Dog Swamp is our very own strip of takeaway stores. You can pretty much get anything you want here!
In the other direct (and just 500m away) we also have "The Mezz" (no photos sorry). At the Mezz is another woolies (how spoilt are we with a choice of three major supermarkets 500 - 800m away), and even more takeaways including the Tamarind, which cooks the best ever Massaman Curry! The Mezz opens out onto the Mt Hawthorn strip. Mt Hawthorn has an eclectic selection of eateries, coffee shops, boutique clothing shops and a dodgy pub! So we really are lucky to pretty much have all this on our doorstep.

Another thing that Perth does really well is parks and playgrounds. We have 6 playgrounds within walking distance of our house and another 6-7 more within 5 min drive from our place. Each is slightly different.

This LOVELY park is just round the corner, and it even has numerous lemon trees that the public can pick the fruit from!
Just round the corner (in the opposite direction) is this lovely park (it has good shade so it will be good in summer). Ethan LOVES the spiral slide here!
Just 2 km from our house is beautiful Lake Monger (with a view of the city skyline). Here we have a 3.5km flat running track (around the lake), 3 separate playgrounds, lots of ducks and swans for Ethan to spot and LOTS of open grassy space to run around in and use up some energy.
Just 500m away from Lake Monger is lake Herdsman, which has a 7km running track around it! 3 more parks, even more ducks and swans and its a great place for us to take our family bike rides together!

There is a lot more to show you, but these are a few of the places in our local neighborhood!  So when I talk about them in future blogs you will have a picture in your head!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

So cool to see your neighbourhood too - that's a lovely view back to the city in the last shot. Awesome that you have so many great parks nearby too - wow!