Monday, September 10, 2012

Lee's wedding

While we were over East we got to celebrate my cousin Lee's wedding to Pat. The ceremony and reception were on the Gold Coast and we were treated to a wonderful day weather wise. My Aunty Raewyn had arranged the babysitter for us and it was all planned out so that the sitter arrived in time for us to get comfortable with her and then get to the ceremony on time.

Unfortunately there are two Crown Tower resorts on the Gold Coast and the sitter went to the wrong one! So we were waiting, waiting, waiting for her to arrive. Luckily the Bride was delayed a little... in the end the Bridal cars pulled over for 10 minutes and waited until the sitter arrived and we made our way to the ceremony site!

Here is the lovely Bride arriving in Uncle Fred's girlfriend (I kid you not - the monaro is Uncle Fred's pride and joy and is affectionately known as the girlfriend. My cousin Ryan was driving the monaro and I have heard rumours that Uncle Fred wanted to take Ryan for some driving lessons first - even though Ryan has been driving nearly 20 years!).
Lee (the bride) looked amazing, as did her twin sister Cara and older sister Danah. Uncle Fred also scrubbed up well!
Uncle Fred and Lee looked wonderful walking down the aisle!

The bride and groom during their vows! We had such a stunning late afternoon! It was amazing!

The reception was held in an eclectic, quirky little cafe, perfect for a cocktail wedding!
I (and all of my family) thought the lolly bar was a great touch!
The bridal bouquets were just lovely! Very feminine and pretty!
Here is the happy couple cutting the cake (yummy red velvet cake made by Danah!).
As I mentioned above, the reception was a cocktail party and it was just lovely! The finger food was really tasty (more so for me than Jason as he is not a fan of seafood etc). I also thought it was a lovely touch to have small plates of potato mash and beef bourguignon passed around at 9 ish. So it meant that we didn't just have nibbles!

It was a lovely night and to top it all off we had a sleeping baby when we got back to our hotel room! The sitter had done a wonderful job (with the help of cousins Harry and Hudson) to get the babies to sleep! Ethan ended up sleeping through as well, which was lovely!

The night was not without drama though, once we got back to the hotel, Jason was a bit hungry so he tried to cook some garlic bread. I say tried because he turned the oven on, popped the garlic bread in and then forgot about it! The smoke filling the hotel apartment woke me up and I am very, very thankful that it did! Luckily we caught it just in time before the fire alarms went off (causing the evacuation of a 30 story hotel on the Gold Coast is not high on my holiday to do list)! Needless to say, there was no late night snack for Jason that night!

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