Sunday, September 9, 2012

Queensland visit - part 1

 A few weeks ago Jason, Ethan and I went over East to visit the family and attend a family wedding. The flight from Perth to Brisbane is a long flight and I really wasn't sure how Ethan would go! But the last time we went to Brisbane it was just me and Ethan, so surely having Jason around it was going to be much easier, right??

Things didn't start well with Ethan suffering from yet more ear infections (a constant running theme for the winter). But after a few days of antibiotics he seemed to perk up a bit!

The next challenge was actually packing! Wow, you need a lot of stuff when traveling with an infant - and we were lucky enough to not have to take a port-a-cot or stroller as my sister had some for us to borrow!

Our flight left at 7.30am and we planned to get to the airport nice and early so that we had time for any disasters! Luckily enough things went relatively smoothly (other than inadvertantly leaving one of Ethan's shoes in the car - parked in long term parking, and not noticing until we were well inside the terminal!). But as my father-in-law would say, that is just a $10 problem! So we went on our merry way with Ethan in his socks!

Ethan got some good plane watching in before the flight and then it was time to board. We boarded early (with all the families with young children). Unfortunately once the flight was all boarded there was a delay and we had to sit on the tarmac for nearly 45 minutes. Ethan's good mood was slowly deteriorating and we hadn't even left Perth!

Unfortunately Ethan didn't enjoy the flight. We were one of "those" families. You know the ones with the screaming child! After a few hours both Jason and I were nearing the end of our tether and really all we wanted was to get Ethan to sleep, even if it was just for a bit! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I held Ethan in the cradle hold and patted him bum rhythmically (against his wishes - and he let the whole plane he did not want to be held like that). After 10 or so minutes of blood curdling screaming Ethan calmed down and finally nodded off to sleep!

So needless to say we were happy to get off the plane!

Our first port of call was Tiffinee and Mark's house, and it was such a relief to get there! Ethan soon found a truck to play with and he was happier than he had been all day!
It was bliss just hanging out on the grass after being cooped up in a plane all day!
Tiff's boys Harrison and Hudson certainly enjoyed having their uncle to stay!!!
Harrison and I popped to the mall to get Ethan some new shoes for the trip and we also came home with a bubble wand! It was a pretty good $1 purchase... as you can see by the joy on Ethan's face!
Ethan was quite taken with some of his older cousins toys, even if he is a little small for them!
It was great staying with Tiff, Mark and her two boys! Here is Tiff and her baby - Hudson!
And here is the Joker.... I mean Harrison (Tiff's oldest boy - all dressed up for book week at school!)
After Tiff and I walked Harrison to school (accompanied by Hudson on the bike and Ethan in the stroller) it was time for Jason, Ethan and I to head down the coast!

Once we arrived and checked into our home for the next two nights it was time to explore the pool! It was such a lovely spot and being August not too busy! I can only imagine how busy it would be in summer/peak season!
Ethan and Jason had a ball on the slide!
After playing in the pool we got some supermarket shopping in and then Ethan met his cousin Mack (see a previous post on this).

After playing with Mack it was time to get ready for dinner when suddenly we were treated with some amazing light! It was time to take advantage of the setting sun and get some mummy/Ethan shots! Sorry I didn't brush my hair but the sun was moving fast!
Later that evening we had dinner with Quentin, Jane and Mack and then retired for a good night's sleep.

Saturday was much the same as the Friday - playing in the pool, a spot of supermarket shopping etc! Only in the evening Jason and I headed off to a family wedding, leaving Ethan with his cousins and a babysitter!The wedding post will be the subject of another blog!

Here's a quick shot of Ethan, his Dad and his Poppy Dalziell! Love this!
Well, that's all on the Queesnland visit for now, watch out for a few more posts on the rest of our trip!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Great to see you keeping it real telling us how the flight went! It's all too easy to imagine that you're the only person that this kind of thing ever happens to, so thanks for sharing cos I've so been there too! Glad to hear the rest of the holiday was lovely and more restful though(apart from the near miss with the fire alarms that is!) :-)