Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fathers day!

The Sunday just been was Father's Day, a day to honour fathers and celebrate fatherhood!

I am very lucky to have an amazing father who has taught me many things - how to love, laugh, cry, work hard and have fun. My Dad has always been there for me, whether it is to pick me up when I am down or cheer me on when I am flying high! I couldn't imagine a better father that the one that I have! I love you Dad.

I am also so very privileged and lucky to have what I consider to be the best man in the world as the father to my son. Jason is a patient, kind, caring, loving, playful, sometimes strict and very hands-on Dad. I get so much joy watching father and son interact on a daily basis. Ethan adores his Dad, he goes round the house saying "Dada, Dada". He loves reading with his Dad, being swung in the air, pushed on his bike, playing frisbee and more!

Inadvertently Jason and I have started a mothers/fathers day tradition. For both days this year we spent the day at the garden centre and planting new bits in our garden! Check out the boys and their gardening...
 Yes, that is Ethan eating of his gardening trowel (it was a mix of hummus and dirt!)...
Happy Father's Day Dad and my loving (and ever patient husband) Jason, I love you both so much xxx

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