Thursday, October 4, 2012

Visit to Naturescape

On the weekend just been we decided it was time to visit Naturescape at Kings Park. 

Naturescape has been designed to provide the children of Perth with a real WA "bush" experience in the middle of the city. It has been designed to retain as much of the natural bush setting as possible and allow children to connect with nature by exploring, climbing rocks, wading through creeks, building cubbies and getting dirty!

Both Jason and I think that it is a fantastic concept and we were not disappointed at all. We had a  great outing and I know we will be back many times over the years!

When we visited it was a 28 odd degree day so we decided to head straight for the creek to begin with. It was just fantastic. There were pool to wade in, waterfalls to clamber down, kids were building dams and having fun.  
We all enjoyed the opportunity to cool off.
 The park has been described as a health and safety nightmare :-) given the branches to climb, rock walls to explore and of course the water. But I think its a great idea. I have very fond memories of playing in the creek on our farm growing up and its nice to be able to give Ethan the same opportunity!
Ethan enjoyed "helping" the older boys try to build a dam.
Although they weren't that interested :-)
Jason took the opportunity for a rest and a chance to cool off.
While I took some photos of the great surroundings!

 After we played in the water for a good while, we decided to explore a bit further afield. Jason and Ethan checked out the cubbies previous kids had built.
 Then Ethan decided to take a closer look at some wildflowers (actually he was stalking a crow at this stage).
 All the water play and bird spotting soon tired our wee boy out, so it was time to leave... as we headed home I quickly snapped a couple more photos!
The visit pooped Ethan out and we headed home for an afternoon nap!

All in all a great place to visit, I highly recommend it for anyone in Perth!

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Melanie said...

I can't wait until Caitlin is old enough to go there. I think it's an awesome play area and they need to have more of then. Kids need to be kids - not wrapped in bubbles. :)