Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home office revamp!

Ever since we moved into our new house the office/playroom has been a dumping ground for things that just didn't have a home. There were still a couple of unpacked boxes and the wire drawers that we had were just too easy for little fingers to find things that weren't that good for him.

After a few months of working from home in these conditions it just got a bit much for me, so we decided it was time to sort the office/playroom out! So after we measured the room out we started trekking round the furniture stores in WA, the more we visited the more despondent we got - office furniture is just so expensive.

So we went home and started rethinking our plans and it was off to trusty old IKEA!

The room itself is all whites and off whites so we wanted something to lift the room a little. Luckily IKEA had  some lovely green furniture - and it was the cheapest! I guess the colour is not that popular!

The only issue with IKEA furniture is that assembly... but Jason is a flatpack furniture assembly specialist! Jason also had his trusty apprentice to help out!
I really wish we had some before photos to show you, but unfortunately we didn't take any! But here is the finished product! Pretty awesome I think!
The room gets lovely morning sun as well, here a shot Jason took on his iPhone. As you can see we have heaps of storage space, and also two work stations (although only one chair at the moment).
As part of the room I got a little bit creative and made some artwork to match our new furniture (material staple gunned to a canvas). Its a cheap and easy way of getting the picture you want! The great thing is, when we want a change we can just buy more material!!!
All in all I am really, really pleased with our new office space. By tidying away all the cables etc we have also made it a safe space for Ethan. The office room is rather large and the new layout gives Ethan a dedicated play area as well. A job well done!


Melanie said...

Looks good!

I would never have thought of hanging the square Expedit. Great idea!

Meghan at MNM's said...

Looks awesome, love Dad's trusty little helper getting stuck in too :-)

Gerry said...

Great choice of furniture! The leaf green you’ve chosen for the cabinets and shelves really pops and totally brought the room to life. It’s a relaxing color as well and is in fact in the “cool colors” half of the color wheel. Cool colors like this are great for offices because they do reduce stress levels.

Gerry Bossier