Saturday, October 20, 2012

More daycare injuries!

Ethan's daycare carers talk about him being a "real boy" and very willing to try things (and put his body on the line at the same time! Every time Ethan hurts himself at daycare we have to sign a form, and let me tell you we have to sign a lot of forms. They are generally for pretty mundane injuries, where the "first aid" listed is "kisses and cuddles". 

At daycare on Friday Ethan and 4 of his mates decided not to sleep at all... instead, while they were meant to be sleeping they were running from bed to bed, and generally playing up! This was the first day ever that Ethan had not had a day sleep! When Ethan gets tired he gets quite uncoordinated... so after no sleep at all he was very uncoordinated! Around 5 minutes before home time Ethan took a big fall and hurt his lip - his worst daycare injury to date! 

As you can see it didn't keep him down for long! He was back to his normal happy self this morning!
Here's hoping its the last form we have to sign for a while (although somehow I doubt it!)

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