Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The week that was...

Last Monday all was well in our place- work was going well, Ethan was absolutely loving daycare, we purchased a new house and started packing. Ethan had a runny nose but that was it. Things were really awesome....

Then illness hit our place.  Wednesday morning we woke up to what sounded like a chainsaw! It was Ethan's breathing and he sounded terrible. As it was really early we bundled Ethan off to the children's hospital here where he was diagnosed with croup and given steroids.

Over the day Ethan seemed to improve, although he was very irritable and grumpy (not like our little boy at all). Not that you can tell that he was grumpy or unwell here!
Unfortunately over the weekend things deteriorated again and Ethan was running a temperature in the mid to high 39s. We were managing it with panadol and nurofen but three days later the fever was still there (as well as the "rattly" breathing).

Last night things just got a bit much and we decided he needed to be seen again. Perth is extremely lucky to have a locum service that gets bulk milled to medicare (meaning the Doctor comes to us after hours, and we don't pay a thing). Who could ask for more really- being able to feed and bath Ethan as well as get him to have some sleep while waiting for the doctor to come to us! We didn't have to wait long at all, a little under 2 hours! Very impressive!

He diagnosed croup still and gave us another two doses of steroids with the instructions to see someone if his rattly breathing didn't abate.

This morning Ethan seemed pretty chirpy so we bundled him off to daycare (in the hope that Jason and I could get some sleep as we have both come down with a nasty sore throat- think swallowing razor blades). 2.5 hours later we got the call from daycare as Ethan had a nasty bout of diarrhea as well as the rattle in his throat.

We decided then and there to take him back to the Children's hospital as it is better to be safe than sorry. Thankfully they have ruled out pneumonia, croup and any other infections at this stage. They think that he has what his mummy and daddy have! I can tell you that if he feels like I do then he will be pretty miserable!

So bed rest for all (not much chance of that with hurricane Ethan around) and a quiet weekend!

So I have been at my new job for just 2.5 short weeks and I have been off sick a number of times now (for both me and Ethan)...

Even though Ethan was unwell over the weekend we still managed to get to the park where Ethan fed the duck for the first time! He enjoyed that a lot and I am sure we will be back there a number of times over the coming few years!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Oh no...wish you all better soon. It is no fun being sick and even less so when it hits you all in one go...hope a few quiet days will see you all right again :-)