Sunday, April 15, 2012

Homeowners again!!

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that we were going through a stressful and busy time! The bits you all know about were getting my wisdom teeth out, Ethan going to day care and me going back to work. The extra stressors were me starting a new job (which you all now know about) and buying a house (which I can now tell the world about).

We looked at this house back when Jason's parents were last visiting. We put an offer on it that day as it met what we were looking for:
  • nicely renovated, 
  • section big enough to put a pool in and still have enough grass/play area for Ethan, 
  • off street parking for Betty,
  • relatively close to town, East Perth and Subiaco- which is where Jason and I work  (all 5 - 6km away); and
  • on the bus route to my work. 
The added bonuses are:
  • that it is opposite Ethan's daycare so we only have to walk across the road in the morning to drop him off, saving valuable commuting time and allowing us to maximise our time with Ethan each day (which is very important for us); and
  • the section is zoned for duplex so in 10 years time (and following the high density housing plan) our land is going to be very valuable.

The downside (all houses have a downside) is that it is on a busier road than we would ideally have liked. But as you can see in the pictures there is a nice tall brick fence with foliage on the inside to minimise any traffic noise.
The house itself is a 3 bedroom plus study brick and tile house, built in the 30s or 40s. As I mentioned above there is enough space for a pool (which we hope to install before Christmas this year). All these pictures are from the real estate agent so are not our furniture, but I wanted to give you all an idea of what it looks like.
Outside play area, space for a pool and alfresco dining.
As with all houses of this era we have nice Jarrah wood floors, high ceilings and a picture rail. The lounge also has an inbuilt gas fire (which you wouldn't think is really necessary somewhere in Perth, but I am sure as we become more acclimatised we will use more and more).
Lounge (complete with gas fire and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning).
The dining room and kitchen are very nicely renovated. The kitchen is not huge but they have made good use of the space that they have. The bathroom is functional but we will look to spruce up in the next year or so.
Kitchen, dining and bathroom.
 The main bedroom is a nice big room!
Main bedroom.
I don't have pictures of the second and third bedrooms, the study (a lovely big room) or the laundry. But once we move in I will be able to post these.

So the next 17 days (which is all the time we have until settlement and possession) will be very busy. One lesson I have learned thus far is that it isn't a good idea to sort the DVDs and CDs out with a curious 10.5 month old "helping".

Finally, we are hosting Christmas in Perth this year for anyone who wants to join us! First in first served for the spare bedroom!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Yay for you guys...especially that it's close to all the things that are important to your guys..can't wait to see the 'moved in' pics.