Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project 52: Week 13

pat·tern [pat-ern; Brit. pat-n] noun
  • a decorative design, as for wallpaper, china, or textile fabrics, etc.
  • decoration or ornament having such a design.
  • a natural or chance marking, configuration, or design: patterns of frost on the window.
  • a distinctive style, model, or form: a new pattern of army helmet. a combination of qualities, acts, tendencies, etc., forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement: the behavior patterns of teenagers.
I enjoyed this week's challenge as it meant I got to use my macro lens.

In third place is:
In second place is my earring against a pair of Jason's running shorts.

In first place is the same earring against our laundry basket. This shot got first place as it shows two patterns, the earring and the very fine weave of the laundry basket. I LOVE using my macro lens.

Keep posted for next week's challenge. The theme is 'motion'. I am scared of this theme, it's going to be a tough one for me!

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