Monday, March 26, 2012

Water Polo Grand Final 2012

This weekend Jason played in his 2012 Water Polo grand final at Challenge Stadium. It was the first game of the whole season that Ethan and I have been able to watch (the games are mostly played quite late on a Wednesday night).

Jason's team had met the City Beach Bears 4 times during the regular season, each team taking 2 wins. Unfortunately two of the starting lineup for Jason's team weren't going to be there making winning the final a more difficult task.

Jason before the game
"Dad is this how I am meant to throw the ball??"
A prime viewing spot for the match..

Jason doing his swim warm up
Jason doing his throwing warm up
Jason's team and their final team talk before the game started!
The calm before the storm...

And they are off... check out Jason's beautiful swimming stroke.

Jason fighting hard for the ball

Jason on a fast break

Jason and a City beach player tussling over the ball again...

Jason and a City Beach player racing to get a loose ball...

Jason had a great game, scoring a beautiful long shot! But unfortunately their team fell short, coming in second at 7 goals to 5.

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