Saturday, March 31, 2012

State library and Perth Museum

Ethan, Jason and I recently visited the state library and Perth Museum. I wanted to go to the library as it had the WA press association photo exhibition. The exhibition was great and thankfully the other library goers were not too worried with Ethan's vocal commentary!

While we were there we spotted a cool kids play area as well which was a great little bonus (and totally unexpected).

The boys spent a fair bit of time in the massive caterpillar tunnel!Ethan enjoyed the different toys!
Dad and Son played a massive game of connect 4.
Ethan played with he trucks for a bit.
While I checked out the fabulous cartoons dotted around the walls.
After the state library we visited the Perth museum (in particular the animal exhibition- which Ethan enjoyed).

He was particularly taken by the butterflies!
After the library we spent a bit of time in the gardens outside which was a lovely change from our usual weekend hang out spots.

We did see this fellow in the park, taking a nap with his bird. A bit different from the suburbs!

All in all a good day out!

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