Monday, March 26, 2012

The importance of sleep for recovery

Last week (on Ethan's daycare day) I got three wisdom teeth out in the dentists chair (all from the top- yes I know its weird to have three wisdom teeth on the top). The procedure itself was pretty quick and easy (ahhhh the bliss of a good local anesthetic) and over and done with in about 20-25 minutes. My dentist stressed the importance of a nice easy afternoon to assist with the recovery process. I assured him that I had no plans other than that involving a couch, TV and a couple of magazines!

But that's pretty much where my relaxation plans ended! While I was in the chair Ethan's daycare rang requesting immediate pickup due to conjunctivitis!!!!! Luckily they also rang Jason who left work immediately to help out. I got a doctors appointment for Ethan and we were off to town! In hindsight I should have left Jason to deal with Ethan and gone home to bed, but at this stage I was feeling pretty good (being all numbed up and all!). The rest of the day was pretty uneventful really, just the normal playing with Ethan, feeding him etc.

Ethan had been sleeping really well leading up to my procedure so there was no reason why this shouldn't continue, right??!? Hmmm the naive thoughts of a first time mum! Ethan then decided that it was time to show who was the boss around our place for the next 4 days and nights. We were up from 2 - 5am the first night, every 60 - 90 minutes the next night, back up from 2 - 5am the third night and wouldn't go to sleep until nearly 10pm the fourth night. Meanwhile his 60 - 90 minute day sleeps had also gone out the window and we were getting 25 - 30 minutes! Not great recovery sleep for me!

I had to call Jason home from work early on Thursday (around 2pm) as I simply needed to sleep! I got around 45 minutes, not much but it helped!

The unexpected patch of bad sleeping is now over (these could be famous last words) and Ethan's better sleeping habits have returned!

Needless to say, my recovery from the removal of the wisdom teeth has taken a lot longer than expected and yesterday was the first day that I didn't feel like death warmed up!

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Meghan at MNM's said...

Oh lovee, I feel for you. I still maintain that going through childbirth twice with no pain relief was a walk in the park compared to the 3 weeks of hell I had after getting my 4 wisdom teeth out when Mylo was about six months old, not helped by getting a really bad case of dry socket in one of them that lasted forever. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from here xx