Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mothers group and Stella's birthday

Last weekend we celebrated the first of our Mother's Group's baby birthdays! Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! The birthday party was for Stella, who is the oldest bub in our group (Ethan is the second youngest). Here is the birthday girl herself!The party was in Kings Park in the middle of a heatwave (it was a 38 degree day). Needless to say the cupcake icing wasn't the only thing melting!

Who's this cute dude??
Mum can I get one of these please??
There were a few girls missing from mothers group but we did manage to get a photo of us all while we were dressed up and clean... no I take that back, Ethan had been eating dirt so he wasn't clean! The most common thing I hear people say about Ethan is "he is a real little boy isn't he". It's true though... Ethan was happier exploring the park, eating dirt, grass and sticks and trying to climb trees than playing with the other babies!
There is just 10 weeks until Ethan's birthday party, I better get planning haha!

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