Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dunsborough Holiday Part 2: Days 5 - 7

 Day 5 of our holiday dawned and we almost had the beach to ourselves! Bliss! Here we are, all set for the day!

From snorkeling, to sun bathing, to rock hopping and swimming. Fun was had by all.
Another day another kayak!
 After a day at the beach we decided to have an early evening adventure for (hopefully) some good sunset photos at Sugarloaf Rock.

Here is the stunning WA coast line.
 We all clambered over the rocks to get down to the water level, here we saw rock pools with crabs and snails.... Ethan was loving it!
 I can see how there can be some stunning photos taken at this spot, but it all depends of the cloud as to whether you get any rich reds and oranges!
 Ethan loved out "adventure"
 The early evening light on the rich red rocks of WA was stunning.
 Jason, our mountain goat, took Ethan the whole way up on his shoulders!
 Yet Ethan makes it look like he has been working hard!
The light was lovely for photos, I was hoping beyond all hope for a stunning sunset!
 Either way it was a great outing and we got some great photos!
 Unfortunately the cloud just wasn't quite right for the sunset that I was hoping for!
 There was a little bit of red, but not like the WA sky can be at times!
 The next day we took Ethan to the Wonky Windmill animal farm where he got to the lambs.
 Play with the rabbits and hamsters.
 and feed the sheep (they needed it after a dry summer.... not much grass for them)
 We spied goats, llamas, alpacas, deer, emus, ostriches, kangaroos, chickens, pigs and cows.
 In the afternoon we headed back to the beach and took a walk up to the Whale lookout (during Sept - Dec you can spot the whales here on their annual migration through). The views were amazing!
 Time for a quick family shot! We don't get them anywhere near often enough!
 Ethan had on his adventuring shoes and did really well over the rough terrain, until his legs just got too tired for him.... again it was mountain goat Dad to the rescue for the rest of the journey...
We finished our day with dinner and beers at the Pour House! A lovely evening was had by all! We took a leisurely walk home along the beach with Ethan walking nearly the whole 1.5km home!

BUT.... all too soon was it our last day! We took one last morning walk into town for coffee and then it was time to pack for home!

All in all it was a lovely holiday, one with many memories to treasure!

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