Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sculptures by the sea 2014

Each year Perth has the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition with many a weird and wonderful creation. This year was no different!

We decided to visit the exhibition on the Saturday evening after arriving home from our holiday. I mistakenly thought it wouldn't be too crowded! After battling the thousands of visitors for a car park we then had to battle thousands to be able to view each sculpture.

Here are some shots of the exhibits.
Looking out to the sunset.
The same piece but from the other side!
This sculpture was thousands of flags fluttering in the wind.
I managed to get this shot with no-one in the immediate vicinity! Very lucky!
Moving in the wind!
Glass feet with the sun going down!
This was was supposed to represent jelly fish!
This sculpture was one of my favourites - thousands of milk bottle caps help together with cable ties.
This sculpture was known as the eternal sunset.... I was running out of good light for these photos!

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