Sunday, March 16, 2014

7 March 2014

What made the news on 7 March 2014??

Journalists covering Corby deported for covering case while on tourist visas

'I shot her', Oscar Pistorius clutches rosary beads as he hears evidence in court.
P lab found in upmarket apartment block in Wellington across road from police station.
Russia sinks shops to block Ukraine navy.
US teen sues parents for living expenses.

JASON's Birthday!

The anticipation had been building for Jason's birthday all week. Every day Ethan got up and asked whether we could open Daddy's prinsets (presents) yet and every day we gave him the countdown. Finally today was the day and Ethan was really excited for his dad!

Jason was very spoilt with a new knife set, a work bag, bbq light, bbq tool kit and an iPad mini.

I decided to try and make Jason a fish tank cake and use his own aquarium as my inspiration! Apologies for the blurry iPhone photos!
Here's the cake on its own. I think Ethan was impressed! The fish on the left looks a little odd though hehe!
After presents, cake and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday we took the opportunity for a short stroll to the local coffee shop.
Later that  evening Jason and I had a trip out into town for dinner, just the two of us! Thanks Grandma and Grandad!

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