Monday, March 24, 2014

Dunsborough holiday part 1: days 1 - 4

Well its been a week and our holiday is a far and distant memory! So I thought it was time to post about the wonderful time that we spent away in Dunsborough.

Jason's parents arrived the night before Jason's birthday (Thursday) and we headed off to Dunsborough on the Saturday. 

It didn't take the boys long to pump up the pool toys and take advantage of the pool at the holiday house.
While dinner was cooking on our first night we took a walk down to the beach (600m from our holiday house) and it was stunning... in fact Ethan walked straight in! The water is very shallow for quite some way so very safe for a young one.
The light was beautiful and it was lovely and warm for our nudey rudey boy having his swim (we didn't plan for him to swim so didn't have any towel/togs or spare clothes.
It took some time to convince Ethan that we needed to head back to the holiday house!
Later that night I was a little apprehensive about what the night might bring with Ethan sleeping in an unfamiliar territory, but I need not have worried, he slept right through.

Invigorated after a full night sleep I took the opportunity to head out for a run and to see the wonderful sunrise! Bliss!
When I got back after my run I was greeted by my two boys.... how lucky am I?
This is the pool area at our holiday home... 
Ethan enjoyed some quality time with his grandparents!
Our first full day on holiday was a little overcast so we took the opportunity to do the  train trip on the busselton jetty out to the underwater aquarium.
The wait for the train back as a little long so we walked back, all 2km of it!
There was plenty to see and distract us on the walk, and I for one was happy that we weren't in full sun!
Ethan and Jason then did some rock hopping before we headed to the Cheeky Monkey Brewery and Cidery for lunch (great kids playground) and then back to Dunsborough for the afternoon.
We spent the afternoon in the water down at Old Dunsborough bay. After some initial issues with Ethan not wanting to wear his life jacket for paddling we all had a blast.
Our third day started with toast and pink milk on the front porch for Ethan and grandad. This shot also shows the awesome front lawn, many a fun hour was spent here.
Our accommodation was around 800m from town and on day three we walked in for our morning coffee... spying these sculptures on the way.
Ethan got quite used to his baby cino and marshmallows every day!
After coffee we headed back to our holiday home via the water (this time I bought togs for Ethan to wear).
Ethan LOVED the star fish and sting ray!
It was a little windy so we headed off to Yallingup beach for the morning. Here we were treated to a lagoon for Ethan and a reef for Grandad and Jason to snorkel over.
The water was a little colder over this side of the peninsula so we bought Ethan a wetsuit, the best purchase ever!
We had lots of fun in the sand
and chasing sea gulls
I couldn't resist this shot.... like father like son!
By the afternoon it was a lot calmer and we decided to pay a visit to Meelup Beach (my favourite beach to date)
And what a beach it was.... rocks for rock hopping, and snorkeling over, calm waters for playing and kayaking in, sun and shade!!!
Here is Ethan, me and Grandma kayaking and Grandad snorkeling.
Ethan thought the snorkel set looked like fun!
The first four days of holiday were idyllic... stay tuned for the rest!

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