Friday, March 7, 2014

Everyone needs a superhero (or two) in their life!

Everyone needs a super hero in their life! I have many - my parents, my husband, my parents in law, my siblings (and siblings in law) and my friends. I would go on forever listing the people that give me strength every day but it would simply take too long and I don't want to miss anyone! So I want to dedicate this post to my super hero best little boy ever!

Ethan is a superhero to me! When I am sad he gives me cuddles and kisses which wash all the sadness away, when I am stressed be holds my hand and my issues dissolve into the background. When I am lonely we sit together and he makes my life seem as full as it could ever be!

I hope my little boy always believes that he is a superhero! I hope my little guy always keeps a little bit of Spidey inside of him, to protect, care, fight for the underdog and do the right thing!

My super hero, my boy Ethan xxx

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