Sunday, March 17, 2013

Poffertjes delight!

Poffertjes are mini dutch pancake treats with a very light spongy texture. Traditionally poffertjes are served with icing sugar and butter and sometimes syrup.

Jason and Ethan had there first taste of poffertjes down in Busselton while I was racing the Busselton 10km race recently. Apparently Ethan downed them like there was no tomorrow!

So for part of Jason's birthday present I bought him a poffertjes kit. It came with a cast iron pan with 14 dimples in it for the poffertjes mix, a 1 litre dispenser bottle and some metal turning skewers... everything you need to make the best mini dutch pancakes in the comfort of your own home!

Check out the cast iron pan with a batch cooking!
We have been serving ours with icing sugar, maple syrup and ice cream (great for the diet... not)!
All in all a great after dinner treat, or a special brunch idea! They can be served with anything, berries, stewed apple and custard, lemon and sugar... the limit is your imagination!
Poffertjes with maple syrup and ice cream get the thumbs up from the little one in the house!!!

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